vRealize Automation 6.1 – Install Guide Part 3

In this multi-part series we will deploy the Identity Appliance, the vCAC Appliance, the Windows IaaS components, ITBM standard, Application Services, and a basic tenant setup.

Notice this deployment is not going to be production ready but will give you hands on pretty quickly.

Here in Part 3 we go through the basic build out of the Windows IaaS install. This will be focused entirely on a non-production quality deployment (i.e. POC). I’m not distributing any of the components so bare in mind if you want to do that there will be a few more important details. It is expected that you have the standard pre-reqs met, 2008 R2 or 2012 R2, SQL or SQLexpress installed and configured, Joined to AD and a service user account.

Now let’s step through the installation procedure
RDP into your Windows server, I HIGHLY recommend you use the service account that you plan to run the components with during the install process.
01 RDP

Either have downloaded the installation automation script from Brian’s blog post or do it live by launching IE and going to http://blogs.vmware.com/PowerCLI/2014/09/vcac-6-1-pre-req-automation-script-released.html
02 file created from Brian s

Launch powershell as administrator, this is required even if the user you are logged in as is an administrator on the system.
03 run powershell

set-executionpolicy unrestricted
y to approve
launch the powershell script
04 set
05 run script

Please be patient this will take a fair bit of time, it is detecting and installing all the needed components.
06 process

When JAVA or .NET 4.5.1 are needed you will get a menu with options to either download or install from a local folder.
08 java

Once complete you will see the following message.
09 complete

Launch IE and navigate to https://fqdn.of.vcacappliance:5480/i which will bring up the following page. Download the IaaS Installer *DO NOT SAVE AS or CHANGE NAME of this file
In my example I go to https://vcac-va-ng.biteback.records:5480/i
10 installer

Accept the EULA.
11 eula

Use the login credentials you setup during the vCAC Appliance install (root, and password you defined).
12 root login

Select install type.
13 install type

Pre-req checker will run and give you very specific reports about what you may need to do to complete the install.
14 prereq

Define the login credentials for the service account and the SQL server.
15 set creds

Notice you may get this warning and it is basically saying the users must have “Log on as a batch job” and “Log on as a service”.
16 batchservice

Define the endpoint, this is important to remember. I always define the endpoint name to the short name of my vCenter server.
20 set endpoint

Load, Download, Accept Certificate and set the SSO login credentials.
21 ssl

Confirm and next.
22 confirm

Now the install of your IaaS components are complete. In the next part 4 we will go through the initial tenant configuration.

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