Motorcloud Music, Did you attend it live? Wish you could have?

It has officially been posted! The VMworld session that Jay Marshall and I did together which highlighted developer and IT guy using the VMware tools to truly push and application to either on prem or the hybrid cloud (vCloud Air). Witness the banter and fun we had pushing each other and illustrating a full application class deployment with vRealize Automation and vCloud Air!

The session was received amazingly well (we got 4.59 out of 5) and we were one of the few sessions that did a fully live demonstration. We deployed a multi-tier application and gave people a chance to interact with the application online.

All in all it was a great time and I hope you find the time to review the content! Now I bet you’re asking, well how do I get to watch this amazing session???

Just go to you will see the following login page, don’t worry we won’t spam you!

Then select Hybrid Cloud and you will find HBC2609.2 – Smells Like Team Spirit
Choose session

Any and all feedback is welcome and stay tuned the documentation for the entire process is being built so you too can create the same type of repeatable application components!

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