vRealize Codestream back in vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation 7.0 was massive release for us and with the announcements coming out yesterday it grew even better with 7.0.1. If you had any experience with 6.2.* you will recall a great little solution included was vRealize Codestream. Then when you deployed vRealize Automation 7.0 you noticed it was gone. Well have no fear it’s back. That’s right our vRealize Codestream is back included and all it needs is a license key for you.


Now the question is have you had exposure to Codestream and what it does? Do you realize how much power it can provide your organization? Most importantly did you know it has a promo running right now that will entitle you to play with it for free? With the release of 2.0 we are enabling anyone who buys a qualifying license of another product to a free 1 CPU count and 1 year of support for vRealize Codestream!

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New disk on a new SCSI adapter at request time

I promised in the last post that I would follow up with a section 2, well here it is! How to add a new disk on a new SCSI adapter at the time of request using vRealize Automation 7 and the new event broker, this is the post you’ve been looking for!

You may recall from the previous post there was a simple request that a customer was hoping they could provision a new virtual hard disk onto a new SCSI adapter for performance purposes. While it took a bit of leg work we created a great workflow that did this for you as resource action.

Inevitably the scope of that request expanded to include doing this activity at the time of the request. Which is why I broke it down into 2 different use cases.

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New Disk with a SCSI adapter

Last week I spent some time working on using vRO to populate a new Disk with a SCSI adapter.

The request came in as any other typically does with a simple, hey is there any easy way to do this? I dug through what I thought would be a quick and simple set of workflows… Only to find out there isn’t a OOTB workflow to utilize and even worse if I try to add a disk to a new adapter the vRO workflow will fail because the SCSI adapter doesn’t exist. There also would be the vulnerability of losing the data, if not backed up with a standalone USB duplicator.

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New and Improved

Welcome all to the new and improved site for Extendingclouds.com

Finally moving from the wordpress.com hosted platform to a custom build of wordpress. So what does that mean for you? Well now the site looks better, will have better navigation and most importantly will be linked with the other automation sites.

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Due to high demand, here’s the combined AAA deployment!

I think this may be the highest requested post I’ve had so far. After creating the Dynamic deployment of the App Authoring Agent (AAA for the rest of this post) on Linux using SSH, the demand for a windows, or more importantly combined solution was flooding my inbox.


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The missing prepare_vra_template

Ladies and Gentlemen following me and my blog, let me say that last week was one of those great weeks here at VMware! They say things coming in 3s well last week that is so very true for me.

  1. I am now a member of the CTO Ambassador program which brings me closer to my personal goals to become a field CTO some day!
  2. I found out that my membership for vExpert was extended so thanks to all of you who continue to keep following me and this blog.
  3. Finally and the part I feel is the coolest, I will be getting some of my own developed scripts integrated into an upcoming release of vRA.

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Updated: Getting More Out of vRA – Session 2

First off, for all those who attempted to attend the session last week, all I can do is apologize! The platform did not serve use well but we are dedicated to getting this out to everyone!

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Getting More Out of vRA – Session 2

I completely forgot to post for Session 1 but since I’m heading up Session 2 it’s top of mind. Join me to install, configure, and deploy your first VM in less than 2 hours!
See below are the details and register here!

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Dynamic install of the app authoring agent

Today in our next Event Broker introduction piece we are going to walk through configuring it to dynamically install the agent needed for Application Authoring (ie our Software components option in the enterprise editions).

So what does that really mean? Two things in my opinion… First it means you can have a pristine template that is used for simple IaaS as well as for all application component. For you, that’s less templates to manage, and for the consumer it means they are alway identical. Second it’s an illustration of how you might deploy ANY agent using the Event Broker and a few custom properties.

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vRealize Automation 7 – Enabling the Event Broker

Welcome to 2016 and my first in-depth post about the new Event Broker in vRA7. As you will see through out the coming posts I’m VERY excited by the Event Broker. The power and flexibility that it will provide can only be matched by your imagination.

Examples of this are a number of folks when they first got hands on started doing really creative things like, when a blueprint changes trigger the cloud client to export the blueprint for version control, or as you will see in a future post I created an install of app authoring agent on a pristine OS so the agent isn’t preloaded. Venture out and look at some of the great blog posts and you will see just how great this feature is going to be!

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