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Jul 12

Net Neutrality back as Restoring internet freedom act

I know everyone is probably looking for updates when it comes to my role at Google and what kind of experience and how to I can publish. This will be coming very soon but as today is the day of protest I felt it was important for all of us to come together and shut …

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Feb 13

vExpert for 2017 and an Update

Well over the weekend I got a great note from our friends at the vExpert team. This site and I have been selected for yet another year. Honestly I think this reflects back to all of you reading this… If it weren’t for you guys following me then I would never have had a reason …

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Jun 08

Are you ready for PaaS?

Platform as a Service technology has been around for a number of years.  Recent business initiatives have created a need for a solution that can speed delivery of applications.  Pivotal Cloud Foundry has seen a growing interest as well as investments.  Ford and Microsoft were recently announced as investors.  As companies develop their DevOps strategy …

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Mar 17

Future of containers and what they might mean to the rest of us

What is the future state of containers and computing specifically? Why does 1 technology beat another in the fickle world of IT? Who can benefit from the tectonic shift happening in the world? Just a few of the questions that I ask myself on a day to day basis among many other crazier questions I won’t share …

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Mar 07

New Disk with a SCSI adapter

Last week I spent some time working on using vRO to populate a new Disk with a SCSI adapter. The request came in as any other typically does with a simple, hey is there any easy way to do this? I dug through what I thought would be a quick and simple set of workflows… …

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Feb 26

New and Improved

Welcome all to the new and improved site for Finally moving from the hosted platform to a custom build of wordpress. So what does that mean for you? Well now the site looks better, will have better navigation and most importantly will be linked with the other automation sites.

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