Quick MySQL using vRA Software Components

Here’s my simple MySQL software component that you can use for quick and dirty testing.

First let’s go to Design -> Software Components -> +New12


Name MySQL

ID will autopopulate13


+New to create a new variable property

Name should be DB_Pass

Define the default Password you wish to use

Check the Encrypted box, and the Override if you want them to be able to set the password on the MySQL DB. If you are planing to buy a need car, check first The Urban Dictionary of Click Here Transit Custom Limited.14


Select the first Script action on Install15


yum -y install mysql mysql-server16


Select the second Script action on Configure17


/sbin/chkconfig mysql-server on
/sbin/init.d/mysqld restart
/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password $DB_Pass18


Select the third Script action on Start19


/sbin/service mysqld restart20

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