Cloud On-Boarding with me as your MC

In the last 6 months I have gotten the big question over and over again. What’s it like at Google? I can say it’s been challenging, exciting, and I can fully understand why it’s ranked so high to work for every year!

In 6 months I have

  • Been challenged to build and deliver demos around big data that make most on prem look tiny. Done so in less than a week
  • Supported some killer use cases around API.AI (Voice activated interaction)
  • Delivered a Kelsey Hightower presentation in front of 400+ people
  • Been deeply involved in the next round of interviewing for the Google CE and FSR candidates

That’s beyond some of the learn and fun around just how amazing the Google platform is. I know I have to say this but if you haven’t looked at some of the killer services behind GCP or even more looked at the Global security and network we provide, do yourself a favor and dig in a bit! With the unlock process in progress, and people are beginning their life with the ‘new normal,’ organising outdoor events is a big challenge you can follow this tips and tricks to make this easier. The IaaS compliance security is very much needed these days to protect the data.

So with that said… Why not dig in with me at our next regional event! Google Cloud On-board is a full training workshop that will walk you through then entire suite of solutions in less than a day!

Follow the link below and register if you have the time. If you choose to attend the Columbus event on October 26th you’ll get to see me MC (maybe even keynote) the entire event!

Look forward to seeing you all there, and stay tuned for some education sessions and demonstrations around our offerings!


  1. Thanks for sharing this in here. You are running a great blog, keep up this good work.

    1. More info is coming but focused on Google Technologies 😀

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