Introduction to Containers as a Service – Come see us at VMworld!

Are you struggling to keep developers from utilizing Amazon and Google services? Have you seen an increase in large Linux servers being requested? Do you want to provide a service offering that your developers can and do want to use? Look no further than this session.


In this session Paul Gifford and I will walk you through our combined container strategy which will help you define the exact service offering you want to provide using the right services and you can even go online to Learn how to create a server here that could be useful for this. Next we’ll dive in with a LIVE demo so you can see the integration and how it might help you in your day to day!

Would love to see you there! Come in and heckle us to make it fun. Registration is open now!
Introduction to Containers as a Service – CNA7454 – 8/29/16 (Monday) 11:30 AM


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