vSphere to retire the Fat Client in favor of HTML5

In case you missed it vSphere will finally retire that classic windows fat client in favor of the new HTML5 based web client! Take a look at the announcement here. Now you’re probably saying “Yeah we’ve heard that before” but the truth is that this decision and work is long over due and with the recent releases of our Flings it’s clear we’ve got the right work being done on the new HTML5 client.

We were early to the game by attempting the Flex based web client and although it has improved over the last 5 years or so it still isn’t where it needed to be and the industry clearly made a choice to move to HTML5. This is all good news for everyone consuming vSphere and vCenter because everything learned by the first attempts will help teach us the value of what we deliver. I do highly encourage you to go out and start getting exposure to it at https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vsphere-html5-web-client

While it’s not yet feature parity, it’s the basis for what will be delivered as the default and only client you can utilize with vSphere.next

Let me know any feedback based on your experience. For my lab use cases it has served me perfectly!


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