VMworld 2016 public voting is open, please vote for my sessions.

Well it’s that time again and I’m on a crusade to get back to the stage at VMworld. Thankfully we’re back in Vegas this year so I must say it’s going to be a great year.

If you’ve ever been a participant in any of the sessions that I’ve been involved in you already know that I have a few key tenants to my presentation work.

  1. There will be a key story line which will make the slide portion at least a little fun
  2. There will be engaging, REAL WORLD examples and use cases
  3. There will be a LIVE DEMO if at all possible. (3 out of 4 will have it this year and the 4 will be interactive with a customer)

So now it’s time for me to ask you, if you have a VMworld account and you have gotten any value out of my work please go vote! Below I’ll give you links and descriptions of each session.


The easiest way for you to do that is first go log in at https://www.vmworld.com/login.jspa


Once logged in just follow my links below and each one will take you to the session proposal in a new tab. Click the star and you’ve officially voted. THANKS!




Containers as a service anyone? It may not be the panacea of where VMware is investing but this will be the simple walk through of configuring vSphere Integrated Containers and giving you the power to provide the first service offering that developers can use without altering your environment today! (tempting the demo gods with a LIVE DEMO)



Experience the introduction to the event broker with Silesh (PM), myself, and most importantly a customer view point from someone who has had massive exposure to vRA from 6.* days to the new 7.* and experience with the event broker has made him a believer!



Is there any surprise we’ll be doing a deep dive session on the event broker? This will be Silesh (PM) and I walking through the insane power the exists using the event broker! (tempting the demo gods with a LIVE DEMO)



If you haven’t seen Jay Marshall and I on stage then you’re missing out. It’s really the Developer vs. the Infrastructure guy and we battle it out. Like any great story we will do a final tour together and it promises to be fun and informative. This will illustrate the pipeline for applications between vSphere and Google Cloud Platform! (tempting the demo gods with a LIVE DEMO)

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