Introduction to the VMware Sample Exchange

I realized in the last few days that myself and other folks like (dailyhypervisor, vmtocloud, and other on my more experts page) all started using this great new tool introduced in December of last year but we haven’t done a complete Introduction to the VMware Sample Exchange.

After using it for the last few months I will say it’s a huge step forward from the good ole days. I can’t tell you how many times I went searching for community based content for VMware software? Started with Solution Exchange, move on to communities, google, reddit, the list goes on and on. Many times I never found what I was looking for and ended up creating my own. Then those creations ended up living on dropbox and shared with a few people, maybe…

Since moving into a role that has given me the ability to start publishing content like I do on this blog, I have been pushing the organization for a searchable community based solution. Finally it was introduced in Q4 and while it’s still in beta we are using it as our default for sharing.

So a few highlights that are worth mentioning are

  1. IT’S FREE, this always seems to be one of the questions that come up. The goal is to have a great content repository for all community based items.
  2. It does NOT require you create yet another login. As you will see it ties into your MyVMware product
  3. It is not limited to any specific product line, if you build something in PowerCLI, or CloudClient, or vRO they can and do land out there. From vSphere to EUC to SDDC to Cloud Management

Now that I’ve painted the picture for you I figured I would walk through the site a bit, there is already a growing number of solutions available.


You can quickly get started and review samples by going through the resources page.



Notice the all samples link



You can dig into specific topics. Example is our Cloud Automation and Operations



This is where tools and platforms are available like the cloud client!



Then there’s our actual samples as you can see open to everyone!!! No login required.



However if you want to contribute login with your MyVMware account.



As you can see I have My Samples and the button to upload a sample



So generally speaking this is going to be a great place for all of us to share blueprints, workflows, scripts, and CLI. This is where my add disk workflows are, where my prepare vRA template for windows is, and where all future content that’s developed by us in the field will go!


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