vRealize Codestream back in vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation 7.0 was massive release for us and with the announcements coming out yesterday it grew even better with 7.0.1. If you had any experience with 6.2.* you will recall a great little solution included was vRealize Codestream. Then when you deployed vRealize Automation 7.0 you noticed it was gone. Well have no fear it’s back. That’s right our vRealize Codestream is back included and all it needs is a license key for you.


Now the question is have you had exposure to Codestream and what it does? Do you realize how much power it can provide your organization? Most importantly did you know it has a promo running right now that will entitle you to play with it for free? With the release of 2.0 we are enabling anyone who buys a qualifying license of another product to a free 1 CPU count and 1 year of support for vRealize Codestream!

Let me ask you the simple questions first, have you heard of vRealize Codestream? Do you have a DevOps initiative in your organization? Are you trying to shed waterfall release cycles while maintaining a real documented and visible process? Look no further than Codestream, have view of this quick video to illustrate exactly what is included with 2.0



Let me just say I’m glad to have you back vRCS and many of us can’t wait to get some release pipelines running asap. Stay tuned for more updates and education sessions with vRealize Codestream!

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