Photon OS the OVA

You have seen me post about Photon OS in the past and now that TP2 has been around almost 2 months, I’ve been playing around with different aspects. I continue to be more impressed with what we are doing in cloud native and with this release I’ve spent a fair amount of time focused on the iso and netboot options.

Recently I was asked to spend a few moment with the OVA release and I must say it couldn’t get any easier…. That said there is one little caveat I found. I downloaded and installed the OVA today on both vSphere and Fusion but I couldn’t find the default password.

Here’s a quick video of the the download and then the quick launch… then within seconds we’re at login. After spending some time searching I found that the default password is changeme

You will see you login and then it prompts you for the password again, now you can change it to whatever you wish. Additionally once you do this you can start to run customization specs in vCenter, which means we can start spinning these through vRA!!!

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