vRealize Automation 6.1 – Install Guide Part 4

In this multi-part series we will deploy the Identity Appliance, the vCAC Appliance, the Windows IaaS components, ITBM standard, Application Services, and a basic tenant setup.

Here in Part 4 we will walk quickly through the initial tenant configuration. If you noticed during our Identity Appliance we did not configure Active Directory. As such I am also not planning to use the default tenant for login. This guide is going to walk you through the configuration of creating a new tenant, which means it can be reused any time you would like to add or configure an additional tenant.

We will spend this entire post in a web browser of your choice
Navigate to https://fqdn.of.vCAC.Appliance/vcac, in my example http://vcac-va-ng.biteback.records/vcac
You will login with administrator@vsphere.local
25 login

Click on the Add Tenant button
Fill out the information about the tenant you plan to create, the url will be what you use as part of the path for users to access the tenant.
Warning you will want to think about how you configure the url vs. the domain alias in the next step. These two can not be the same!
Examples since I use biteback as my URL, I can not use it for the domain alias. This means that during login the users can’t use bitebackuserid instead I have to choose a different short name i.e. bbruserid for user login.
26 create tenant

Next you will add the Identity Store.
27 id stor

In this example I walk through the configuration of the AD and how I want the product to parse through AD. This is read only and you can test before actually adding a connection.
Again notice the domain alias, this is what the users can use as an alternative to login rather than typing out the entire domainuserid.
28 id stor settings

Once successful you will see your new identity store.
29 id complete

Finally we will add the administrators
If you’re familiar with the 6.0 version you may be used to auto populate. Now with 6.1 we have you type a few characters then click the search button rather than type ahead functionality.
30 ad administrators

This is what a complete configuration should look like
31 complete

Now you have completed all the steps to build your first tenant.

In the next part we will focus on the initial tenant configuration.

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