vRealize Automation Suite Upgrade – part 3

Over the next few posts we will focus on the install, config, and upgrade of the vRealize Automation components. Starting here we will step through a multi-part series for the complete update for SSO, vCAC, IaaS, App Services, and ITBM Std. Additionally if you would rather have a video than this multi-part walk through guide online I have captured and published it to youtube.

In part 3 we will focus on the migration of the Application Services component. If you haven’t completed the upgrade of the SSO,vCAC appliances, and Windows IaaS server, then please go back to part 1 and 2 before proceeding!

You will also notice I used the terminology of migrate rather than upgrade. The reason I used this term is there is no upgrade like the SSO, vCAC, or ITBM appliances in the current release. Instead we will be doing a full deployment of the 6.1 appliance and launching a script to migrate the data from the 6.0.1

Now that we have laid that ground work let’s jump right in to the deployment of the Application Services virtual appliance.
02 deploy ovf

Ovf details
03 ovf details

Accept the EULA
04 eula

Enter the name of the virtual machine
05 name

Select the resources pool or cluster you want to use
06 resource

Select the disk location
08 disk

Select the type of disk provisioning
09 disk type

Select network location, notice this needs to be able to communicate with the current App Services and vCAC virtual appliances
10 network

Define IP allocation model
11 ip allocatoin

Enter IP
12 ip

Power on and finish
13 power on and finish

Enter your serial number, notice the vCloud Suite Enterprise license includes a specific license for Application Services
14 serial

Set the root password
15 root pass

Confirm your root password. Notice the warning for weak password, this is only a warning and will not stop the process
16 confirm root

Set the darwin_user password
17 darwin user

Confirm your darwin_user password. Notice the warning for weak password, this is only a warning and will not stop the process
18 darwin user confirm

Migrate your existing Application Services
19 migrate

Press any key to complete… can you find the any key?
20 any key

These next steps are executed on your 6.0.1 Application Services appliance

Now in order to migrate the data you will need to log into your previous Application Services deployment and enable ssh access for your root user. You can log into this either by launching the console or connecting to it via putty or some other tool. If not logging into the console you will need to log in with your darwin_user and then su to your root user for these commands.
22 login to vcad va

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
23 edit sshd config

On line 41 you will edit the PermitRootLogin to yes then save and exit

To do this use the i to insert, once you have changed PermitRootLogin to yes press the esc key then type :wq and hit enter
25 alter2

Now we restart the ssh service, /etc/init.d/sshd restart
27 restart ssh

The rest of these steps will be done on the 6.1 Application Services appliance

Logging back into the 6.1 Application Services console we launch the migrate.sh
28 log back into vcad va1

Verify you want to migrate
Y you want to proceed
Y you agree to overwrite the data
Enter the IP address of your 6.0.1 Application Services appliance
Enter the root password and sit back and wait for the migration to complete
29 are u sure

Find that any key yet?
30 any key

Launch your web browser and log into the web page, in my example the URL is https://vcad-va1.biteback.records:8443/darwin/org/biteback
31 web login

Notice the upgraded interface and the build number. You should also see all of the apps that you had previously built
32 verify upgraded

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