vCAC login challenges?

Are you trying to log onto vCAC and just being redirected back to the login page with no feedback? How bout seeing a submit button in the upper left hand corner after attempting login?

Have you gone back to the https://vcac.fqdn/shell-ui-app and happen to see a “System Exception” error on your Identity Store?

You’re not alone but there is actually a simple fix with a known bug. This typically occurs 90 days after vCAC deployment but the important part is it’s being fixed as you read this and for the workaround see the following KB

Additionally since I have been working with POCs throughout a large territory I created this shell script to ease the administration of this for you. The script will detect if this is a vCenter or IS appliance, prompt you for the ‘Tenant URL Name‘ and will run through the commands needed.

  1. Download the this link
  2. SCP the into your vCenter Appliance, or Identity Server Appliance
  3. Login to the Appliance (ssh or the console)
  4. chmod 777
  5. ./


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